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159 Wyatt Way NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

We're at the Dayaalu Center

We are sole practitioners working together collaboratively to serve children, individuals and families on Bainbridge Island, Washington. What brings us together is our commitment to certain ideas and practices that shape our work with families and other professionals.   

Central to these is our belief that the people we see are the experts of their own lives and relationships.  Our
expertise lies in creating the kinds of conversations and experiences that connect people with resourcefulness in its many forms.   

Whether as individuals or in groups, we see people as intimately
connected to others in families and relationships.  

We believe that people’s
stories about themselves and their relationships have a powerful effect on their lives and the ways they relate to others.  Many of these stories are embedded in culture.  

We seek to find and develop those stories that fulfill clients’ best
hopes, values, and commitments, and we help people find ways to live out those stories more completely.  

As therapists we
collaborate with one another through our frequent consultations and, at times, by working together in reflecting teams.  

We also collaborate with other professionals – physicians and others in the healing professions – to better understand and assist the people we work with to be treated as